Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Materials... chicken wire

I took this photo when I was living in Hannover, Germany on one of my wanderings; along with the interesting composition of the photo on a whole; the empty/littered block of fenced nature among industrial sites; I have since been interested in incorporating the form of the wire fence into my designs; as a manipulation, or mixture of surface design/print/form of garment...I am still thinking... there are a few different forms of chicken wire; I find the way they interlock and create mathematical forms and space relevant to my design concept.

image source: Keira Paradice

image source: http://hi-android.info

You can see how this structure has derived from patterns in nature. Above is a picture of honey comb. 

Mathematics is just another way of perceiving the natural world.

The hexagon

I know my initial image was actually a diamond/square, but I am going to run with the hexagon...

Hexagram within a hexagon


I was just reading a bit from the blog this image came from it's kind of interesting, maths, freemasons, politics, oh the constructed symbolism, how interesting and mysterious considered design can be! 
everything is connected in this web of...webs

I keep finding interesting representations of hexagons, so I will just share some of the images which speak to me and that I could incorporating in my designs, naturally. 

Connect the dots!! I have been thinking about such games as these recently (i.e. connect the dots, colour by numbers) I thought it could be adapted into an interesting sartorial fashion designing exercise. 

V The Hexagon 79

Figure 32 Hexagon test. The footprints indicate where you should land

Okey getting carried away perhaps, I thought this last image was interesting because it relates the form of a hexagon with the human body actually to test agility! Think about this movement within clothing?...hmm

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