Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and the text reads...

Man invented things by imposing a shape on nature.

Man discovered things by revealing the pattern of nature.

This dialogue is about man (the human body) as a form of
measure integral to the manifestation of creative, social, cultural, scientific and mathematical ideals.
Fashion is a tool, a palpable means to alter/affect the body in
relation to man’s quest for ‘beauty’ and/or expression…as well as being practical.
Western ideals on beauty and the human form originated in
Ancient Greece, where ideals of man were modelled to
mathematical measurements and manifested in the subject of their art. Symmetry, relative proportion, geometry, golden rules guided their interpretation and divining of the human form.
This collection is about origins. Nothing comes from nothing. Measures and deconstructions of aesthetic beauty will manifest themself in this collection through applied mathematical theories of perfection and proportion, challenging and altering their
preconceived ideas about the basic forms of modern men’s
garments, where did these come from, and why.
The application and deconstruction of formulas and the
deformation of the male body during the design process
challenges our perceptions of absolutes and finites. Objectivity is subjectivity, and this is the beauty of its nature.

Man is the Measure of All Things (Protagoras ca.490-ca.420 BCE)


origins she says...well... there was actually a lot, lot more research and processes that have gone into the development of my concept before this post, parts of which I am very excited to share with you in the near future, however we must content ourselves with this poster design reflecting the basis of my design direction


Welcome! So I just wanted my initial post to say hello!
Well, I am embarking on a long wild and twisted journey into the depths of my psyche and through the intensely dense forest of information and images out there in our world to bring about new ideas and concepts for menswear and fashion design processes.
This blog is the external hard drive to my brain, so I will share many a thing, sometimes a little off topic, but then everything is really relevant in the long run, I hope you find some interesting information and inspiration through this process and feel free to help me as well!